CBC Nakuru

Our Church Life

Thursday Prayer Meeting

At CBC we, by the grace Christ supplies, can only realize that we plant and water but only God gives the increase. We therefore humble ourselves before Him in dependent prayers as we seek His blessing on the work of the Gospel He has called us into. We do this corporately every Thursday, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm at the Church. You are welcome.

Weekly Community Groups (CG)

Fellowship is one of the means of grace the Lord has given us. We therefore seek to encourage one another as we live out the charge of Hebrews 10:24-25 through our weekly community groups. These meetings take place on Friday evenings in the various estates in Nakuru where our members live.

Gathering for the Word

At CBC we treasure all our moments of coming together to sit under God’s authoritative word especially on the Lord’s Day. We gather, hungry and thirsty, for the Word of God. This is where our Church life is both born and sustained. On Sundays this Word comes to us in both the Bible Study (9:00 am-10:00 am) and in the expository preaching from the Scriptures (11:00 am-12:00 noon).

Women Ministry
Children Ministry
Church Membership

In keeping with the Scriptural charge for older women to teach younger women (Titus 2:3-5), the women ministry at CBC brings together the ladies for fellowship, edification, discipleship and training in the ways of the Lord among themselves. These ladies forums are an integral part of CBC Church life.

At CBC God has blessed us with a growing children Sunday school and we endeavor to teach them God’s word as we pray that God will open their hearts and understanding to believe the Gospel of Christ and be saved. The Lord Jesus Christ welcomed children in His ministry and it is our joy to imitate Him as we teach children, love them and pray for them.

At CBC we believe that God gathers His people through the Gospel for them to belong to each other in the context of Local Churches in a mutual relationship that has both privileges and responsibilities. We therefore highly value Church membership as the only way God\’s people can live out the Gospel together and live out the call of Christ on the Church. In Church membership the following happens:

  • CBC formally affirms an individual’s profession of faith and baptism as credible;
  • CBC promises to give oversight to that individual’s discipleship;
  • The individual formally submits his or her discipleship to the service and authority of Covenant Baptist Church and its leaders.
The Church

God's New Community

The Church of Jesus Christ is the community of God’s own people on Earth. Everything changes when one is born into it by the Gospel of Christ. By participating fully in the life of Christ’s Church through faithful and active membership into a Local Church a person will experience the indescribable joys of belonging to the family of God while reaching out to a lost and broken world.

Are you looking for a Church fellowship?

Then welcome to CBC

If you are looking for a community of God’s people which is deliberately pursuing to know Christ, love God and live out the Gospel, then you have found it. We are aware that we are all broken in many ways but we rejoice in the truth that God heals and transforms His people through the Gospel of Christ. At CBC you will experience the grace of God in its practical implications as you grow in your knowledge of Christ and live out the Gospel among God’s people. We welcome you to be part of our community.